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Security, Privacy and Anonymity

Freedom to use the Internet

Internet security, privacy and anonymity have been taken away from us through the widespread use of mass surveillance and the rise of malicious hackers.

Whenever you visit a website, do a web search or update your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media, you leave a trail of network information that can identify your real identity and your online history.

RECLAIM your security privacy and anonymity with our personal Virtual Private Network that protects and hides your real network identity by giving them our servers’ identity instead of yours.

Bypass Censorship, Monitoring and Filtering with your computers, mobile devices and Internet of Things (IOT) devices by encrypting all your internet traffic.

Access Geo-Restricted Content

Visit sites that are serving geo-locked content without restrictions while you are abroad. With servers located strategically around the globe, you can access your favorite home content!

Secure Your Internet Communications

Protect Yourself At Public Network

Whether you are at home, office or public Wi-Fi, all Internet data are vulnerable and exploitable to interception by professional hackers or other network monitoring devices. With our secure virtual private network, you will have your own personal and virtual private internet access to protect your Internet connection from vulnerabilities and exploitation of security weaknesses. Your important data such as financial or login or other sensitive data is now safe.

Latest Security and Obfuscation Technology

Our VPN infrastructure uses Perfect Forward Secrecy and employs the latest hashing algorithm of SHA-2, a 256 bit AES military grade encryption and a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) build with a keysize of 4096 bits to effectively secure your network from any attempts of intrusion. To avoid further detection of VPN connectivity, another layer of obfuscation technology is available to mask your vpn traffic protocols and hide detection of VPN usage from network monitoring devices.

No Logs Policy

Being a company operating outside of the jurisdiction FVEY countries, we have no obligation to keep any user activity logs nor do we track your internet usage.
To further protect our users against secret government subpoenas to hand over customer information, we publish a monthly warrant canary.


Why We Are Different

vpn routing selection

Selectively route traffic through the VPN

vpn obfuscation

Hide the fact that you’re using a VPN by traffic obfuscation technology


Offshore jurisdiction outside Five Eyes


Decentralised servers with PKI infrastructure


Feature Packed

  • A registered company located outside of FVEY countries
  • Access to all 35 servers from 12 strategically located countries around the world (Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA)
  • Accepts Bitcoin and anonymous cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Monero, Zcash and Zcoin
  • Supports custom and standard user interface for ease of use.
  • On demand choice in Fully Routed or Proxied VPN servers
  • Ability to obfuscate VPN traffic to mask VPN use
  • No bandwidth limits
  • No logging of user activities on the VPN
  • Support multiple devices with one account
  • Supports Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux and OpenVPN supported Routers for e.g. (DD-WRT/AsusMerlin-WRT/Tomato)
  • 24×7 Online Customer Help Desk
  • Established history and operating since 2007

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