Pay for your VPN with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Dash)


If you wish to pay via Bitcoin directly without going through BitPay, you can do so by paying it directly to this address:


Pay the relevant subscription based on the prevailing rate below and then upload your transaction details to your order in our Customer Portal. Your payment will then be verified and updated by our staff manually.

Pay with Dash

Services purchased using Dash enjoy a 10% discount off the listed price. You can either pay using Coinpayments which processes the conversion automatically or direct to our address at Xbo13hs9GHZEXQRweWTwJfi82JTDoRxpXZ using the conversion from the widget below:


Dash via CoinPayments
7 Days Trial BolehVPN
Trial PackageUS$3.70 US$ 3.33
10% off!
30 Days BolehVPN
Full Subscription PackageUS$ 9.99 US$ 8.99
10% off!
60 Days BolehVPN
Full Subscription PackageUS$ 16.99 US$ 15.29
10% off!

180 Days BolehVPN
Full Subscription PackageUS$ 44.99 US$ 40.49
10% off!
365 Days BolehVPN
Full Subscription PackageUS$ 77.99 US$ 70.19
10% off!

Our Pricing


 Subscription Price (USD) Price (RM)
 1 Day, Trial Package Free upon request
7 Days, Trial Package 3.70 10.00
30 Days, Full Subscribing Package 9.99 30.00
60 Days, Full Subscribing Package 16.99 50.00
180 Days, Full Subscribing Package 44.99 140.00
365 Days, Full Subscribing Package 79.99 260.00

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