How VPN Works


BolehVPN works by establishing an encrypted tunnel between your computer and our servers within which your internet traffic flows. This means not even your internet service provider can see what you are doing within the VPN. Our VPN servers then establish the final end connections to your destination on your behalf so your destination doesn’t see you, only our VPN servers.

Much like a firewall protects your data on your computer, VPNs protect your data as it flows over the internet. Also as the end destination (for e.g. a website or an online service) only knows it is communicating with our VPN server, your identity is hidden from these sites and you can also appear to be from another different country altogether!

With our easy to use custom user interface BolehVPN-GUI, all you need to do is download the necessary keys and server configurations, and just select and connect to your desired server! BolehVPN is unique in that we have many different configuration options from the super privacy conscious that require military grade encryption to those that just selectively forward only part of your internet traffic through the VPN or even speed optimized servers for streaming video.



Supported operating systems that can use BolehVPN includes Windows Operating System, Linux Operating System, Android Operating System, Apple iOS, Apple MAC OS X, Apple MacOS and routing devices like DD-WRT-enabled modems and routers, ASUS routers with OpenVPN features, MERLIN-WRT-enabled modems and routers, TOMATO supported routers and Internet of Things that has built-in VPN settings.

If you’re ready for to secure your internet access, subscribe to us today and our staff will be happy to help you through the process should you run into any difficulties.