In this page we will guide you through on how to operate your Seedbox via the web GUI. In addition to that, we are also covering the method to download files onto your computer via the (S)FTP.

Table of Contents

Understanding Your Web GUI's Layout

Adding Torrent Files

Basics to Controlling Your Torrents

Downloading Files to Your Computer

Understanding your web GUI's layout


Your top toolbar consists of quick-action buttons that includes:

  • Add a torrent
  • Remove
  • Start
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Settings
  • About


Your sidebar shows how the torrent are categorized on your seedbox, as shown above. You can also label your torrents to do some housekeeping so things won't be in a mess. Search lets you sort by local search query.


The Local torrents search allows you to look into the list of your running torrents. This will add a new entry under Search in your sidebar until you manually remove it or quit the GUI interface.




The Tabs on the lower half of the screen allow access to various types of information. Some of these items are only available by plugin. The tabs are:

  • General : This tabs displays general information of your selected torrent.
  • Files : This tab displays all the files or parts for the current selected torrent as well as download status. You can also use this tab to configure the download priority.
  • Trackers : This tab shows the tracker(s) for the selected torernt.
  • Peers : This tab displays peer information for the current torrent.
  • Speed : This tab shows a graph of upload and download speed over the last few minutes.
  • Plugins : This tab shows installed and active plugins.
  • Logger : This tab shows error messages, and other system events.

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Adding Torrent Files

To begin, click the Add a Torrent button addtorrent on the toolbar. This opens up the following window:


  • Directory: This specify to which folder your files will be downloaded to. If nothing is specified, you files will be downloaded to the specified default directory.
  • Torrent File: You can upload the torrent file from your computer using this field. Choose a torrent then click Add File.
  • Torrent URL: You can also paste the URL of the torrent. Click on Add URL after filling up the field.

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Basics to Controlling Your Torrents

You can either control your selected torrents directly from the toolbar or the tabs. Right-clicking your torrent also works as shown below:


Under Labels, you can add or remove label. You can also modify the order where which torrent will be downloaded first by altering the Priority. The rest are quite self-explanatory.

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Downloading Files to Your Computer

To download files onto your computer, you will need an FTP. What is an FTP you ask? It is in fact a network transfer protocol to transfer files across a network. BolehVPN also offers SFTP service, a more secure way to transfer your files from the SeedBox.

The following are examples of such clients to their respective OS.

  • WinSCP for Windows
  • Cyberduck for Mac OS X 10.5 and above (10.7 Lion Supported)
  • Filezilla for all 3 platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux)

For this tutorial, we will make use of Filezilla to demonstrate how you can download your files from the SeedBox.

First of all download Filezilla from the link above. Please obtain the approriate version to your operating system. If you have UAC activated, click Yes to approve, then proceed with the installation process.




After the installation start up Filezilla.

Enter the hostname of the server you are on as well as the required details as provided to you in our email to you in the Quickconnect bar on the top. For the port number, you can either use 21 for FTP or 22 for SFTP. Click on Quickconnect after you are done.


Below the Quickconnect bar, there is a log that tells you the status of the connection. Above is an example of a successful conenction. Below the log, there are 4 panels; on the left side, you should see your local directory while on the right, the SeedBox's directory is listed.

Proceed to click the Download folder on the right panel. This should bring up a list of what you have downloaded onto your SeedBox. You may then proceed to drag files from the right panel onto a folder of your selection in your local drive on the left panel.


This should add files onto the Queue below as shown.

file4The transfer speed above may not necessary reflect your downloading speed from the server.

It is possible to download more than 1 files at a time. You can change this by going to Edit > Settings > Transfer


Shown above, I have limited the simultaneous file transfer to 2. It is also possible to limit the speed as you may want to conserve bandwidth to maintain a pleasant experience on your other internet programs.

Note that there are additional options to control your file transfers when you right click them.



With this you should be proficient on how to utilize your SeedBox as well as obtaining files from it. Also do proceed to the forums or feel free to email us should you come accross any troubles.



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