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« on: February 05, 2013, 04:56:43 PM »
Hey Guys,

 Hope all of you had a great new year and maybe if some of you watched the superbowl if you are in the us or anywhere else.
 Anyway I tried out the service for a trial and I have to say the speeds are really good and very impressesed with it. I will soon later on get a subscription here for 6 months of the service.

 BTW: Have any of you guys ever tried the program called It seems good of movies, tv, shows etc in there database when I had a trial on there and was a member. But what would u guys of say of it?

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Re: Hello!
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Hey Thor,

How nice to visit from Asgard :D Say hi to your hottie gf for me :D

PS: Never used graboid :(
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