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Why BolehVPN is different from the rest!
« on: September 15, 2011, 02:57:03 PM »
( Please understand that this post is gonna be very "malaysian", no BS, long-winded and alot of explanations that may make you bleed from the ears/eyes/<insert any other human organ here> )

( also, some of you may get offended by some of my comments. Well, if you are offended, please email your comments to )

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To both the staff of BVPN and new/existing customers,

As stated in my thread subject, do you really need to look else where for your VPN services? I'll be very honestly and admit i'm a torrent addict (addiction to TV series like House and Top Gear)~

So when i found BolehVPN in Low Yat forums a few years ago, i was sceptical~ i mean, so sceptical that i thought they would next say they have flying pigs! lets be honest that there are ALOT of scams in Low Yat forums (not to mention everywhere else on the internet), but hey, i decided to take a leap of faith and....subscribed to the 7 days free trial package (yes, it was still free back then :P )

Had my keys and installation instructions emailed to me. Followed them to the "t" and presto! i was downloading torrents @ max speed (was downloading in the office on my laptop then, so had speeds up to 200kb/s and higher).

Still had my doubts after the first 2 days, i thought that im a trial user,for sure lah they will give me higher priority in their connections in order to sucker me in to give them money. so kept the torrent running for a few days, and nvr did the connection fail! minus the occasional speed drop due to insufficient seeders, but thats another story.

I still remembered when i first had BVPN (still on trial), i was downloading the BSG series (the new one of course with sexy Grace Park  ;D ). Speeds were excellent, no torrent blocking or throttling.

So, after BSG series was finished downloading, still had like 2 days left on my trial, didnt know what the heck to download. so decided to hunt for Babylon 5 sci-fi ( if you havent heard of Babylon 5, shame on you!! ). this was an old series, so all 6 seasons were on torrents, grabbed them and started downloading.

here comes the interesting part:
On the last day of my trial, B5 was not finished yet (mind you, there was like over 70GB so a bit susah to download all of them in less than 40 hours). There i was, sitting in front of my laptop, with my workmates wondering what the heck i was thinking about, i pondered if i should actually pay for this service. i mean, i'm cheat ba*tard. if i can get something for free or have to part less cash for it, ill choose that over anything else.

decided to do more VPN research on the net. to my shock, BVPN was the CHEAPEST VPN service there was! i mean, there was an American VPN service which wanted to me pay 10USD per month, which is like RM30++, which comes up to RM360 per year.... waaaayyyy too much moolah for my cup of tea. did more digging into the net....and more digging...and more 7pm i was still in the office digging through the mountain of VPN services (some of them, trust me is absolute rubbish) out there.

i just couldnt make up my mind!!! decided to leave it to fate, took a 50 cent coin and flipped it. if it was "heads", i subscribe to BVPN. if "tails", forget it~ rather use the subscription money to buy dominos pizza or something.

im pretty sure by now you know which side the coin landed, and as i clicked the "confirm" button on Maybank bank transfer page. i felt my heart drop a little. all of a sudden, i thought, shit! what if its a scam ah??? how can i get my money back?!?!?!? aiyoooo... die lor~

i quickly and almost immediately did the following:
1. PMed Rueben on low yat forums with screenshot of payment transfer
2. Posted in BVPN thread in Low Yat forums
3. emailed BVPN with screenshot of payment

i was getting worried! if they tipu me, die lar~ i was already thinking of backup methods and ideas on how to get my money back if i really was scammed....

within 30 minutes, i got an email from Rueben saying payment has been received and my keys were attached as well. i renewed the keys and thought "ok lah, be prepared to see my torrent speed hit the ground like a rock".

......but, they didnt drop! as a matter of fact, for some weird reason, they actually increased a little, to my surprise of course! left the laptop overnight to see the performance the next day.

returned and speeds were great! checked logs, no drops or disconnections! excellent!!!!! i suddenly felt the worry on my shoulders gone and jumped into my seat and watched B5.

yeah, long sad stupid waste-of-my-time story, but i did warn you earlier.

< too lazy to read, read here >
Why should you look at other VPN services? well, you SHOULD! no seriously, you should!

go away, shoo!

why are you even here? go away la~ go subscribe to the org putih services. i mean, they ARE the best in the world. i mean, they did make World of Warcraft (*cough* rubbish game *cough*), Xbox 360, your operating system, your epal phone, the current excellent world economy we're living in right now, the superbly low fuel prices ....etc.

why bother coming here? and reading this?

ill tell you why you're here:
1. Cuz you found that alot of Malaysians (and other countries) use this service and its not a scam.
2. Cuz its a msian based company and you know you can go whack the BVPN ppl if they scam you
3. Cuz you dont have a credit card so you wanna use online banking transfer
4. Cuz you've seen the hundreds of positive feedback not only here, but in low yat forums about BVPN's excellent services
5. Cuz you're too cheapskate to pay obscene amounts of money for a VPN service which you dont know will work or not ( *cough* other companies *cough* )
6. Cuz you've nothing to do, so you decided to surf some sensitive stuff ( *cough* ) on the net and thought you should cover your tracks.

the list can go on for much longer, but im pretty sure you get the idea.

BVPN really works, their customer support (both before and after sales) are top-notch, and the most important is:


so dont think twice, and at least try the trial package if you're so worried.

try it and be prepared to have your world changed forever

FYI - this service is invaluable seeing that i am now working in China and unable to surf the free-speech-world-of-the-internet. so trust me, even the great Firewall of China cant stop BVPN  8)
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Re: Why BolehVPN is different from the rest!
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Woah! That's a long post there buddy! Thanks!

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Re: Why BolehVPN is different from the rest!
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Wow thanks :D
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