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[ BULK ] Steam/Valve Products From U.S
« on: December 20, 2009, 11:10:54 PM »

I am currently doing bulk order from Steam/Valve US. This is the website where you can have a look at Steam/Valve Products Steam/Valve Website

* Products will take 1-2 weeks to arrive from the States*
* Buyer will only pay 10 Days before I order the product. You will be reminded*
* RM 20 flat is for international shipping and flat RM 15 for local shipping* ~So in total for shipping is RM 35~
* Please email to me at details of your order and I will email to you the Baking Details. I accept PayPal also*
* If the item is taxed, the bill will be bared within the people who order*
* Those who want to cancle or modify their order to email me*

This BULK ORDER will end on 15TH JANUARY 2010

You will be able to track the order from the States when it has been confirmed and shipped out. For those who order, you will be emailed the tracking number so that you can keep track of the delivery

Those who pay and wants to cancle after the payment has been made, it will be forfeited.

For inquires or question, feel free to email to me at OR post here for inquires. Please DO NOT PM ME.

When you are emailing me, please include the following details:

Lowyat Nick Name:
Real Name:
Contact Number:
Type of Product and Quantity: