Author Topic: Why do I need approval to join the forum?  (Read 32837 times)

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Why do I need approval to join the forum?
« on: July 28, 2007, 01:31:03 AM »
We have taken the decision to restrict our Support Forums to customers of BolehVPN or friends of ours to ensure that only legitimate users enter our forums. Sensitive information are sometimes shared and we are of the opinion that this provides better protection of our customer's details.

As such, all future forum accounts need to be approved manually by an Admin (this should happen in half a day or less).

If you are a current subscriber/new subscriber who has paid and are seeking support, register a forum account with the same username/e-mail as your VPN account and it will be approved shortly when an admin comes on.

If you are a prospective subscriber, forum accounts will not be approved until you become a subscriber. Trial accounts do not count. You may direct any queries about our service or trial account tech support by e-mailing at

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