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Title: I hate to do this, but...
Post by: Jaguar on January 21, 2012, 08:48:15 AM
I have been using BolehVPN for almost two years now and I've avoided posting or telling anyone about BolehVPN because I was afraid the best little known VPN secret on the net will become popular and a household name.  It truly is the best out there bar none.  The support is fast and friendly, the service itself is extremely stable and fast.  With the changes coming in some form or another worldwide with legislation like SOPA and PIPA I feel really sorry for anyone who won't have BolehVPN.  Which brings me to my reason for finally deciding to make a post and talk about BolehVPN.  Everyone is going to need it.

I just hope Reuben can keep up with the demand which will soon explode.    :o