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RAN needs your help RM2125.55 Collected Thus Far

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--- Quote from: RAN on March 19, 2008, 04:55:12 AM ---What else is new, dexxy? If you don't say a bad comment about me, its not you, is it? But you forget that I have feelings.

--- End quote ---
Okaylah, whatever makes you happy.

After two days of trying to log into the bank, I gave up and called Customer Care. Obviously have some memory loss. Duhhh! Confirmed receipt of RM500.00 from Reuben-san on 19th March 2008. Tchang kew!

Get well soon. Show us what you bought, yea? I have some aunts with spinal pains too so I could use some of that info in case they need to purchase some aids.


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