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List of Things RAN has spent on thus far:

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Another RM1000.00 released

Status :    Accepted (Your transfer is in process.*)
From Account :    511234055767 M2U Premier
New Account Balance :    XXXXXX
Amount :    RM1,000.00
Beneficiary Bank :    XXXX
Payment Type :    Funds Transfer
Favourite Beneficiary Account Number :    XXXX
Beneficiary Name :    XXXXX
Beneficiary ID :    12345678
Description of Payment :    Release of Donation
Reference Number :    1252710184
Transaction Date/Time :    17 Jun 2008 17:32:59
The funds will be credited to the beneficiary's account (A/C No : XXXXXXXXXX) on 18 Jun 2008.
*The success of your transfer is conditional to the accuracy of information provided.

Ribbon-san, confirm receipt of RM1,000.00 . Thanks.

Updated: Thursday, August 7, 2008

Receipts for purchase of Schein Orthopaedic insoles, and sandal.

Status:      Successful
From Account:    511234055767 M2U Premier
New Balance:    xxxxx
To Open 3rd Party Account:    16419190XXXX
3rd Party Email Address :    xxxxx
Amount:    RM625.55
Effective Date:    Today
Account Holder Name: XXXXXXXXX
Reference Number:    1263549606
Transaction Date/Time:    19 Aug 2008 13:48:49

Remaining amount released.

Confirm receipt of RM625.55 from Reuben. Thank you.


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