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List of Things RAN has spent on thus far:

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I confirm the following expenditures and have received the receipt via a scanned copy:

Money released thus far:

Amount utilized thus far

Receipts received thus far:

Dated 15/3/08:
Oppo sacro lumbar support: RM128.70

Dated 22/5/08:
Custom orthotics: RM499.00

My receipt for OppO Lumbar Sacro Support.

For information regarding the support, visit . Some of the models may be available locally. Enquire at your local pharmacy or medical equipment supply store.

RM128.70 received from Reuben on 18th April 2008, for lumbar support.

Deposit and invoice for Schein Orthotics custom insole.

For more information go to It is a German site, so click on the orange schein box at top left corner, and select English. They specialise in orthopaedic footwear. There are three shops in KL; at The Curve, Midvalley Megamall, and at Lot 10. Shoes are also available to custom fit the insole. It is easier than shopping around for suitable footwear. The insole has to be placed inside so a certain depth is required.

Please let me know how much the amount is so i can send u the money :D

I know you e-mailed but not sure where it is atm since i was not around when u e-mailed.

Tried calling u but your line was dead


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