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HI do forgive me English and the way I spell sorry.i have a few questions.

What servers re:isp's  are u allowed to down load P2P ON ?

Do u have DNS leak and kill switch ?

I am maybe looking to sign up here but I am looking a round I am with IBVN but looking to leave they say don't keep logs but I have found reviews saying they do.I was going to try PUREVPN bit I am told its the same with them.Also I did like IPVANISH but they have no kill DNS LEAK or kill switch.

Thank you.

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Hi there,

You are allowed to P2P on all our FullyRouted and Proxied servers. The SurfingStreaming servers are the only ones you are not allowed to p2p on.

Yes we have DNS Leak Protection as well as a built in kill switch that activates when OpenVPN reports an unexpected loss of connection. We also have a total Lockdown feature.

From our Privacy Policy on logs:

No we do not keep logs. However as per our policy, if we do notice any unusual activity on our servers (high bandwidth loading, high number of connections or cpu usage) we may turn on logs temporarily to identify abuse of our services (such as DoS or spamming through our servers).

Once the user is identified, we will terminate the offending user, issue him an e-mail for the reason of termination and wipe the logs from our system.

Turning on logs for troubleshooting is a very last resort and is necessary to ensure the integrity of our services. It has happened very rarely (only a handful of times in our 6 years of operation) and such information was not disclosed to third parties but merely used to terminate the offending user. In any case logs were usually enabled for not more than few hours and only for the particular server that was experiencing abuse.

We are also located in Malaysia and thus not subject to USA or EU jurisdiction. You can read more on our FAQS here.