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OCZ SSDs and WD Velociraptors

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WD Raptors, 3.5. the prices for all the available siozes

All warranty 3 years

OCZ Vertex

OCZ SSD SATA II Vertex Series 60GB: RM1000.00
OCZ SSD SATA II Vertex Series 120GB: RM1720.00

OCZ Agility

OCZ Agility SATA II Solid State Drive 60GB: RM850.00
OCZ Agility SATA II Solid State Drive 120GB: TBA

A-DATA SSD(300) Read/Write: 163/97MB/s

SSD (300) Series 32GB RM470.00
SSD (300) Series 64GB RM750.00
SSD (300) Series 128GB  RM1390.00

SSD XPG Series Read/Write 170/100MB/s

SSD XPG Series 32GB RM570.00
SSD XPG Series 64GB RM880.00
SSD XPG Series 128GB RM1420.00

Our velociprators are not price competitive unlike our ssds so we have decided not to stock them :P

Let me try understand the function of such disks because this is the first time I've heard of them. Surely they are too expensive to store my warehouse of pirated porn and movies (thanks to BolehVPN).

I am assuming it will be used to install your O/S and maybe games? Anyone benchmark results for bootup speed improvements?

plenty take a look at just the video in the post on the blog


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