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Thank you for the security, privacy, performance, and customer service


I first learned of BolehVPN from TorrentFreak's article where they surveyed VPN providers on their commitment to privacy. Not keeping logs, being incorporated outside of the US, and using OpenVPN with AES encryption were key privacy and security factors that led me to sign up for a trial. Previously, I had tried IPredator, but the security of PPTP did not inspire confidence. While I did not have a need for a VPN provider at the time, I was very impressed by the BolehVPN client and performance.

A few years later, my company sent me to Beijing, China for work and quickly came face to face with the Great Firewall of China. Many of the websites I frequented were blocked, but I remembered BolehVPN. Using the predecessor to the technology now known as xCloak, I was able to have full, unrestricted access to the web. I gained a new respect for the freedom I took for granite at home and was thankful that a service liked BolehVPN existed.

When BolehVPN offered their 2-year deal, I immediately signed up. At the time, I was completely unaware of the free gift of freeleach IPTorrents access. Once I discovered it, I was astounded that subscribers were being given unlimited freeleach access to one of the top torrent sites. Best of breed security, performance that saturated my 30 Mbit connection, and free access to a top torrent site was an unbelievable value.

Recently, the tragedy of the commons raised its ugly head and someone abused the free gift of IPTorrents freeleach one too many times. While disappointed with the loss, it did not change the fact that BolehVPN still provided the same outstanding privacy, security, and performance that led me to sign up in the first place. However, not even a week later, BolehVPN was able to strike a deal with IPTorrents to provide invites and an incredible freeleach discount. This commitment to customer service continues to amaze me. I have complete confidence in the service and will continue to recommend it to anyone who values security and privacy without sacrificing performance.

Thank you!

Thank u so much for this really appreciate the kind words.


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