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Thanks Reuben and all Boleh development staff for BolehGUI ver2.3.6


Due to my poor eyesight, had to work on Windows and browsers set with big fonts. BolehGUI ver2.2.2 fonts were skewed, didnt support big cleartype fonts, so I was muddeling along until this version. This will do. I cant say Thank You enough its fixed with this new version.

Also, as feedback, this version installed smoothly, directly from the previous version "upgrade application" without having to uninstal/download and reinstall this new version, both the GUI and new TAP adapter (opted to install the TAP utilities), a reboot and all is well.  If the new encryption is in effect, I cant seem to tell of any significant down turn in speed.

Again, many thanks, I'm a happy puppy.

Thanks! We're always happy to have satisfied customers.


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