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Six reasons why BolehVPN is the best.


I am really impressed with all the ugrades in the last 1.5 years. You are true professionals that know how to run a service.

1.Added more servers, which is a major plus.Fully routed, and streaming.

2.Streamlined the GUI. Thanks guys. You made it idiot proof  :P

3.Just renewed my subscription today. I use paypal, but nice to know its not needed anymore. In 5 minutes I completed the transaction, and account was updated.All I had to do was download the new key, for faster update. How sweet is that.....Very Sweet!

4. The Bonus Gift. This is awesome in itself.

5. A forum for your problems, and a superior staff to help !

6.Price and quality of service. Your servers are rarely down.

Thanks! We're glad you're happy with our service.

Really appreciate it <3


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