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4mbit line.

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I'm thinking of upgrading my streamyx from 1mb to 4mb.  I think i read somewhere that i might have to pay more for bolehvpn?  Do enlighten me.

If you are willing to have 2MB max downloads I do not think you have to pay more.

Can we get the confirmation by the operators that 4mb does not work with BolehVPN?

as far as i know.. the normal package is limited to 2Mb/s..

but we do have users on 4Mb atm.. i think they have a different package, obviously paying more..

im not sure about this, but on the 1st page on bolehvpn thread in lowyat forum said support up to 4mb now

--- Quote ---PACKAGES (up to 4 Mbits):

blaa blaa blaa blaa
--- End quote ---


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