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Can VPN Work on Celcom 3G and Mac OS X ?

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--- Quote from: Erun on March 14, 2008, 01:13:43 AM ---Someone told me 3g is around 115 kbps only? then yeah 8 kbps is about right...

--- End quote ---

Hey man, I ran the speed test and here it is :

And if only I can get that 115kbps connection . . . . .  :-\

Alpha Male:
yeah man i feel really ripped off, cheated & screwed. their idiot sales staff should have told me that the $98 package is useless to me coz there is no HSDPA coverage where i live. And i did tell them where i live.

I did however manage to which bring my micro atx mobo to work in sandakan town area (7miles away), were i can get full HSDPA signal. I tested at & got 2700mbps & 2400mbps on S'pore & New York servers respectively. Now that's what i'm talking about baby. I tried playing streaming media from & it was very smooth.

but sadly i don't live i town :(

I rang their call center on tuesday & after being passed around for the 4th f%*#!n time i logged in a complaint with them. I don't know if they'll fix the slow speed problem but all we can hope is for celcom to upgrade & improve their network.

Just thinkin about celcom&tmnut makes my blood boil. Wouldn't it be great if foreign telcos were allowed to set up shop in this country?



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