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For those of you that would like an alternative to uTorrrent.

Many of these are very nice alternatives, but please be aware I've listed many clients to make this a more complete list. Some of these might not be so great, so play around and see, I'm sure they won't blow up your computer, LOL... ;)

BitComet - Read to many negative things, but you might like it



BitTorrent - Yes the people that started it all, also a pretty big client, but you might like it


KTorrent KDE Linux




Transmission - Unofficial Windows Version - Also check on Transmission's forum about Windows clients

Tribler - As their website states; 'A different BitTorrent client'

vuze - A bit bloated but you might like it

Some further comments.

Transmission on Mac is a pretty well respected client.
Vuze (formerly Azureus) is the only Mac client I know that has full SOCKS5 support for the P2P traffic. Transmission only proxies the tracker communication.

For linux, I like rTorrent :D

Transmission on Ubuntu and Ubuntu based Linux versions is the standard client installed, so it's pretty common...

In Linux I've really liked Deluge...

Additionally to this torrent thread: there is a free media player Rox Player that is able to stream torrent files. While it streams it also downloads it so make both things at the same time.

I just added above KTorrent for KDE users in Linux...

Actually a really nice client too.


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