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BolehVPN T-Shirts

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Would anyone be interested?

I'm thinking of printing some for promotional purposes lol...

no design yet but it will of course feature our logo.

i am interested with collar-ed type..
a small vpn logo on the right side of the shirt..thats all..simple and nice....

well..maybe include the URl below the logo also....small enough can...:P
make the material thicker please....i hate ppl looking at my nipple.

make it black color with collar
the logo put it at the hand section on the t-shirt :D

Hi Reuben, yup im interested. I do agree with freeman and 1pondoTv (make it black, thick material). Maybe we can have BolehVPN Logo on the back and on the hand section. ;D

As long as I can use them for exercise and they're SUPERCHEAP (or free) then I'll take a few. ;D


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