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Internet Kill Switch???

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I was interested if bolehvpn has this feature?

VPN clients with an ‘internet kill switch’
Perhaps the simplest way to ensure that no programs access the internet except over VPN, is to use am ‘internet kill switch’ built into your providers VPN client. Choosing this setting in the client’s Settings dialog will prevent all traffic in and out of the computer in the event of a VPN fail.

Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated,

I have been using a program called VPNCheck Pro to perform what you are asking for,
Once configured if the VPN connection is lost, it will kill all programs that are using the connection

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If running Linux you can use iptables firewall rules to restrict internet traffic to the VPN tunnel such that if the VPN goes down there's no internet access.


Must have missed this thread. Yes, we have a built in kill switch that freezes your connection in the event that OpenVPN reports a disconnect. We also have a Lockdown feature that can be used as a superior kill switch.

How Lockdown works is that it disables the default route, forcing all traffic (even LAN) out over the VPN. This persists until you manually hit disconnect in the BolehVPN client.

I also have been using VPN check Pro for about the past 4 years. It has worked very well, and never failed me. I highly recommend it. It's very easy to configure.


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