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Hello Bercik45,

I was on the outside looking at services in the past like you, and I came onboard as the Linux support, because I realized after 2 years of research, that I also taught on the subject, that BolehVPN is good!

There is no such thing as a 'Best Service for the Mac'. OpenVPN works equally as well on any OS that supports OpenVPN, what you're probably thinking about is the support of the GUI for Mac, by BolehVPN.

Check out the install guide and give it a go, BolehVPN is a good company that stands behind it's service and customers!

I forgot to mention, if you're comfortable enough, there are also two good clients you can use on your own for MAC. You're not just limited by running only the BolehVPN client, pick and use what works best for you! I ran MACs in the past, and I used Viscosity and it's very nice, if you want an alternative. They're all good clients, just use what works for you!




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