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Internet Connectivity Issue


Dear Team and Friends,

Lately, I noticed that there are a significant slowdown at the Europe area in specifically Netherlands. Streaming videos from that area has been a drag. Anyone knows if there is an international cable fault or some sort.

I was on the 50Mbps connection and did not face this issue, but ever since i was auto upgraded to 100Mbps, downloads from the above mention areas are at 2Mbps MAX.

would appreciate your kind assistance.

Hello brian,

I believe I've replied to you in the e-mail, but I will paste my response here so that everyone can benefit:

Most of the time it's TM's routing. From where I am (Kuching) and doing a speedtest to a server in the same city, I get a higher ping than doing a speedtest to the Singapore server! There were some times that my routing was so bad that I had to use the VPN's Singapore server to get any work done.

Other than restarting your modem/router to try to get a new IP (and with it, better routing) there is nothing much we can do.


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