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Kindles for Kampongs


This is a project I have in mind to benefit school children in villages which may not have access to books.

I've seen how many people donate books to Kampungs and that's all fine and dandy but often the problem is
a) Number of books that people are willing to donate
b) Storage or a dedicated library area for these books

Now instead of doing that, I was thinking, why not just give a Kindle pre-loaded with a huge library of free books?

Why a Kindle?
a) Battery life is super long (1 month) so as long as you have electricity for some part of the time, keeping them charged isn't a problem
b) Hardy, no LCDs to crack etc etc
c) Low cost USD79.00 or USD109.00 without ads.
d) Holds 1,400 books (a whole library worth)
e) No games


All you require to maintain such a system is as follows:
a) A electric supply available at least once every few weeks
b) An administrator in each kampung to facilitate borrowing of the Kindles and update of materials

Sharing Arrangements

(to add more later)

Just to keep you posted, we have a potential big name sponsor for this project. We're looking for a test kampung to test this out on.


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