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Proxying Opera


This guide is ONLY meant to be used to proxy Opera through our servers when connected to either the Publictracker or Privatetracker configurations. We do not guarantee increased surfing speed or downloading speed through Opera. If you proxy Opera and then connect to any config other than the Private/Publictracker, you will not be able to surf. Please read if you don't understand why.

1) Open Opera. Click on the Menu button. Scroll down to Settings, then click on Preferences, as in the picture below.

2) A box should appear. Click on the Advanced tab. You'll now see a scrolling list on the left. Scroll down to Network. Now click on Proxy Servers. Another box should pop up. Tick the small boxes beside HTTP and HTTPS, and type in into the boxes beside HTTP and HTTPS. To the right of Port, input 808.

3) Press OK. Now press OK again. In the url box (that box where you type in and so on), input It should now display the IP of the server you're connected to (You can check which server you're connected to by right clicking on the OpenVPN icon in the toolbar, selecting whichever of the two configs you're connected to, and clicking Show Status)


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