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OCZ SSDs and WD Velociraptors

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For Malaysian customers only!

Sure, your rig may be a quad core overclocked beast with a quad SLI setup...but yet it's reduced to a humble crawl while waiting for bootup or games to load. The fact is, most bog standard 7200 rpm drives don't cut it when you need bleeding edge performance.

Also for notebooks, don't you realize that those 5400 rpm hard disks really struggling to keep up ?

We have OCZ SSDs and WD Velociraptors for sale but we want to gauge interest before placing orders. Our prices should be slightly better than those available on Lowyat.

Would anyone be interested in this?

Raptors prices for all sizes

All sizes as in GB or sizes as in 3.5" or 2.5"? The 2.5" is not for notebook usage. It will dry-up the battery pretty fast at 10000RPM and burn-up your cpu.
As for 3.5" pricing, Reuben will list the price soon.

If the price is right, i'm interested.  8)

We also have a slighly lower speed SSD and a slightly lower priced than OCZ.

Its A-DATA XPG SSD at 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, we should be coming out with the pricing comparison and special offer by end of today.


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