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i have been using boleh Vpn for 1 month now the speed is awesome.
Can archive 160 kB/s using  1Mbit streamyx

here we go, all thanks to bolehvpn!! don't laugh bout the dl lar.. now only got time to dl and play lo.. other times all cod4 multiplayer ni.. speed is great, but wondering what's with the yellow smiley ( nat problem ? ) - yes i know you guys hate azurues.. so don't have to repeat that it sucks lo.. haha  :)

somethings working a little too good here, seen over 1M at times but settled around 700K - 800K mark, amazing...

I have a 5120/ 896 Kbps connection. And this looks pretty good to me. Nice bolehvpn, Thanks.

Thanks a lot. It’ll help me a lot.


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