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[WTS] DFI LanParty DK P35-T2RS (Full solid caps ver)


Item(s): DFI LanParty DK P35-T2RS (Full solid caps ver)

Package includes: All the stuff that in the box + receipt

Price: RM500 Firm

Warranty: 3 years local distro (bought from karom on 6 March 2008)

Dealing method: Strictly COD (Putrajaya / Kg Baru KL)
                            next week open for postage

Location of seller: Putrajaya

Contact method/details: PM

Age of item: 25 days (as on 30 March 2008)


Item(s) conditions: New and never use.


Reason for sale: Out of funds because of unexpected event.

More info can go here :

Mobo have been sold, forgot to close teh thread  :P


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