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The official thank you thread for Reuben & Pitboss

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million thanx for the hardwork and quality of support u guys have shown.. :)

Thanks You !!

I bow to your almighty powers, the strength of your character, O mighty Lords of BolehVPN.

But i do expect some FREE legal counsel sometimes, eh Reuben.

thank you to reuben... 2 thumbs up for u. i didnt expect for a rm 30 ringgit vpn, u went all the hassle just to make things work for me.
a good customer service = more regular customers will extend their subscription.good job long as new tv series are the to be download...u shall see me as ur customer

p/s i havent read all the threads here...just wanna suggest to put a sticky for programs that might make openvpn wouldn't connect and maybe also..some guidance in configuring the router...just general things to take note...i'm not to IT savvy.


Keep at it guys.. please don't let TM win!



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