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The official thank you thread for Reuben & Pitboss

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I am starting this thread for members who want to show their gratitude and appreciation for the hard work Reuben & Pitboss has done for us, especially so after the recent crisis involving all 3 vpn servers being down.

So let me start the ball rolling by saying, thank you Reuben & Pitboss for all the hardwork and support that you have given us so far. I know you guys have lost a lot of quality time with your families and also didn't get enough sleep as a result of your non-stop work in trying to bring the service back online as quickly as possible.

Even though I am a paying customer, I feel grateful for the high level of service they have given me together with Reuben's tech support which is so good that it even puts tmnut's custcare support service to shame. I will continue to support BolehVPN as long as tmnut continues it's unfair throttle of bittorrent downloads  ;D.

Thanks although we do feel bad that customers also had to go through this shit too.

this is what i call level 1 service (best top notch). they know what they are dealing with and dedicated into having a trouble free service. thanks for the unmatched service :D


Donkey a bit lost for words...

Yup this is kind of service we are expected... not HAR type...  :P

now we all can back and have a good files to download...  ;D


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