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Customers say the Darndest things

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All identities and user identifiable information has been removed but just for a laugh here are some of the requests I get (I'll post more as I encounter them):

Saturday, 17 Mar, 2012
[24:46] Visitor 898003160 has joined the conversation
[24:47] Reuben: Hello! I'm Reuben from BolehVPN. If there is anything that I can assist you with, be it a question on our products or a quick support query, I will be happy to assist! And no, I am not a bot!
[24:48] Visitor 898003160: i need some  thing  bet i will let you no letter
[24:48] Reuben: Sure :D I may be offline in a while so just giving you a heads up.
[24:49] Reuben: You can always drop an e-mail to us if you do have any queries
[24:50] Visitor 898003160: i need some do you thing you can help me
[24:50] Reuben: What do you need?
[24:53] Visitor 898003160: if i tell you that i need a car or a girl will you get it for me
[24:53] Reuben: That's unfortunately nothing to do with our VPN service
[24:57] Reuben has left the conversation
[1:09] Visitor 898003160: i wonted to see if you where real i need some laptop of good quality bet i don  k won how to meek the  Joice

That cannot possibly be a real person; no one's English is that bad. It doesn't even make any sense.

But yes, more please!  ;D

I met one at Lowyat forum whom has slightly better English than this, but almost every question seems like a troll so I almost always ignore that type of question or that person :D
It can be sometimes funny and sometimes like "Is this person trying to troll us??!!"

"you know i just found out that my dad has been subscribing to Boleh VPN. and he hogs bandwidth every night. Can you please terminate his account?"


"happy father's day, stop using all my internet"


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