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Surge Protection

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APC... nope

Then what do you suggest if APC is no good? Or are you referring to the warranty?

My company supply one APC product... which a high end UPS to
Yamaha Corp in Ipoh,
2 years on 24/7 in a server room...
No power overload, its aircon cooled...
Suddenly smokes puff from the UPS...
See see the battery exploded and fire coming out.

Then the M'sia APC take it to investigate.
APC ask my client to pay for the transportation fees
and also the investigation fees...

What is this? Their product got problem ask my client to pay for it.
My client can sue them for the product since almost cause trouble
burning their server room...

Warranty of the apc/surge protector device and insurance of the devices behind the protectors are different.

Better check which you have. Belkin's one is quite generous few thousand USD i believe. No idea on how to claim tho :D

I really highly suggest you avoid all unknown brands...especially those Malaysian ones.

The belkin one can claim from the comp shop u bought it...
If anything happens to ur comp that connected directely to belkin surge protector
Then u can claim for those hardware that hit by lightning.


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