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Surge Protection

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me using blackout buster from kinetics, been using for 9 years and no problem. and you guys should off your pc or whatever electronic items like your vibrator or stimulator once you see the big daddy lightning dancing around your area


--- Quote from: mcmicheal on April 21, 2008, 10:49:59 AM ---My company supply one APC product... which a high end UPS to
Yamaha Corp in Ipoh,
2 years on 24/7 in a server room...
No power overload, its aircon cooled...
Suddenly smokes puff from the UPS...
See see the battery exploded and fire coming out.

Then the M'sia APC take it to investigate.
APC ask my client to pay for the transportation fees
and also the investigation fees...

What is this? Their product got problem ask my client to pay for it.
My client can sue them for the product since almost cause trouble
burning their server room...

--- End quote ---

I've been using APC back-UPS 650 for 2 years plus now, battery is at 70% at full charge about 10 min of power time. I'm always worried it will explode since my room temp does go up to 31C (APC recommends 21C) but so far no issue. After reading this I'm worried again.  :-[

The APC back-UPS 500 I just bought was spoilt - the power light didnt come on when I switched it on! I now have my concerns about them too.


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