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Surge Protection

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OK, I am hoping to get some feedback on what you all do regarding surge protection  on your PCs.

As a background to the question my PC has suffered two hits in the last 4 months - just last week it borked my router, on board LAN, as well as my audio port (now having to use front connection on PC). In December it was much worse - it took out my router, modem, the other on board LAN, some USBs and my XBOX and D-Link Media Lounge (another media server) which were both linked to the router (wired).

After the first event I installed one of those 5 gang surge protector sockets which includes incoming and outgoing port for the internet line (Made by APC) but obviously it was ineffective.

I now intend to have first a back up UPS then a KOSS surge protector then another APC surge protector linked serially. So for streamyx the line first goes into one of the surge protectors and a second line then goes from the outpur of that into the input of the second surge protector and finally a 3rd line will go from the output of the second protector into the modem. I understand there maybe some line degradation however I would rather have that than keep shelling out for replacements. My streamyx line is split for the internet and also for fax however my fax machine is fine - I guess this is because I am constantly utilising the streamyx line for P2P, especially uploading on private trackers which keeps my upload bandwidth utilised 24/7.

To date I have had to replace the following:
2 routers
1 modem
Needed to buy replacement PCI card LAN
Needed 2nd hand xbox to replace d-link medialounge (DSM320)
Needed new power supply for xbox!

Any thoughts would be welcome!
I know nothing can 100% protect me apart from the telephone line from the modem however that is not really an option especially as the lightning hits around the time I am at work approx 65km away from home.

I suggest that u buy a powerful UPS system so that all of ur stuff plug into the UPS
Its easy to manage... but price wise, its kinda costly...

Yes my intention is to have as the first line of defence a Back-UPS ES500 made by APC. The Surge protectors will be plugged into this and the other plugs (modem, router, PC and monitor) also plugged into the KOSS surge protector.

Haven't had the time to look through everything carefully but daisy chaining your surge protectors tends to void the warranty and insurance provided by some surge protectors like Belkin's.

Not sure the worth of the warranty - the APC one I have just now has a warranty but do they insure against lightning anyway?


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