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--- Quote from: freeman on March 31, 2008, 09:18:05 PM ---dex got the sample?
how big it is  :P
upload it somewhere ;D
want to test my friend pc also

--- End quote ---
1 minute; 141MB. You tell me where I can put it, I'll dump it there. :P

Or you can cut it yourself if you have the 1080p Planet Earth using MKVToolnix @

@NWK: I've tried it on my E6300 and it slows down to a crawl. I've tried it on an A64 3500+, it crawls. I've tried it on a Core Duo, it crawls. That's how I know your system can't handle 1080p x264s. The reason I'm comparing your system with my cousin's is because they have the slowest machine I can get my hands on right now.

Don't believe me, show me where I can put that 141MB sample and you can try it out yourself. Or better yet, go and download Planet Earth. Worth the watch anyway; breathtaking views.

Unless of course, your 1080p is NOT x264, and even if it is, it's one of those cell-shaded animation kinda like Justice League: The New Frontier. That one doesn't use up much power. Maybe you can share your tweaking secrets, since you say you get smooth playback with 1080p on an old P4?

Planet Earth sample is up in my finished folder on seedbox2. Those who know how to get it, go ahead. ;D
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