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We recommend the use of an addon called FoxyProxy available here.

Please note that this is NOT required if you wish to use our US-SurfingStreaming server, or BolehRoute.

After downloading it, restart your FireFox, open FoxyProxy from the button at the bottom right of Firefox. Then, in Proxies > Add New Proxy

IP should be, port 808. Don't tick Socks Proxy. Change your Proxy Name to BVPN or something, that you'll recognise.

After hitting Okay, change your Mode, from the dropdown list. It should be inbetween the File and Help menus and the Proxies, Global Settings tabs.

Change your Mode to Use proxy "BVPN Proxy" for All Urls

Voila, you're up and running.

To turn it off just right click on the FoxyProxy icon at the bottom right of Firefox and click Disable and this will put you through your normal internet connection again.

Should you not wish to use FoxyProxy you can do the following:

1. Tools --> Options ---> Advanced ---> Network ---> Settings
2. Select Manual proxy configuration.
3. Entered in for HTTP Proxy and 808 for Port
4. Tick 'Use this proxy server for all protocols'
5. Under No proxy for, entered localhost,

It should look like this:


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