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How to set proxy for YouTube or RapidShare?

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--- Quote from: bLur3 on December 12, 2007, 09:51:31 AM ---i noticed sometime the foxy proxy dont work all the time whether there is a bug or there is a mistake in my settings. so, when before i want to access the web i want to mask, i choose "use proxy "bolehvpn" for all URLs". when the download started or the business is finished i "completely disable foxyproxy".

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I think that's what happened to me. I followed all the instructions but it didn't work out for me too. =)

Well that happened to me too, but that happened when there is some problem between "the web you trying to excess" and "the BolehVPN Servers that you log on to". Usually I change the BolehVPN server until I get the one that can connect with the web, I discover that avistaz Asian block any connection from some of BolehVPN servers. Maybe there is more similar web site. :)

and if u follow the setting (automatic) i also notice that foxyproxy will use direct connection if the proxy is unable to connect to the web.


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