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How to set proxy for YouTube or RapidShare?

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I already followed the instructions to set up proxy for Firefox with Foxy Proxy. I could go to the website but I just can't download files from RapidShare or load any videos from Youtube. Mind to help? Thanks.

changed url pandora in the guide to*
same with rapidshare


--- Quote from: freeman on December 11, 2007, 09:14:55 PM ---changed url pandora in the guide to*
same with rapidshare

--- End quote ---

Can't I put a few links at the same time?

hmm .. let me try help you... :)

1)Double click on those Foxyproxy icon on the you bottom right Firefox window. This will open up FoxyProxy option.
2)You should be on "proxy tab" and then choose the BolehVPN, click "Edit Selection" The "FoxyProxy - Proxy Setting" window will open up.
3)Click Add New Pattern. "FoxyProxy - Add/Edit Pattern" window will open.
4)Fill the Pattern name, tick the Enable box on top.
5)In the URL pattern you should add something like **. Click Okay and all done.
6)You can recheck at the "FoxyProxy - Proxy Settings"  The new pattern should appear there and the small tick appear on the enable column.

hope that help

i noticed sometime the foxy proxy dont work all the time whether there is a bug or there is a mistake in my settings. so, when before i want to access the web i want to mask, i choose "use proxy "bolehvpn" for all URLs". when the download started or the business is finished i "completely disable foxyproxy".


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