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12 months IPT freeleech offer is suspended?

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Been with boleh for years and will still do so.
But, we used to be told stick to IPT to avoid complications, where to go now?

I've used a lot of Private & Open Trackers, they all have their Pros & Cons, so I'm not just saying this because I help BolehVPN, but I wouldn't let this bother you in one bit.

If anyone doesn't know FILESHARINGTALK, I highly recommend you get over there!

Join, hang around, and sooner or later, people will give you free invites to nice trackers!

There's a whole world of great trackers out there, so if Torrents are your thing, then you need to join!

Problem Solved! :)

it's been a few months now, any update?  Any luck with contacting the staff?


--- Quote from: hungryarchi on October 26, 2018, 10:44:40 AM ---it's been a few months now, any update?  Any luck with contacting the staff?

--- End quote ---

If you log into your account at;

There's an Announcement;

2018-August-17: UPDATE: As IPTorrent founder has not been responding to our email or messages, they are no longer offering special Freeleech Donation for BolehVPN users. This is really unfortunate.

If there are any changes it would be listed in the Announcement...

IPTorrent had re approach us and we replied. However there wasn't any follow up.

It would be nice if you guys could drop IPT a message regarding the special 12 month freeleech for BolehVPN. :)

It would open up negotiations :D


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