Author Topic: a few questions regarding your services  (Read 3016 times)


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a few questions regarding your services
« on: November 17, 2008, 05:07:36 PM »
greetings  ;D

i'm hoping to hop in to the bolehVPN bandwagon (finally gave up on all the other free methods), but there are a few questions i'd like to ask before doing so. hope u can find the time to answer them and my apologies if these have been asked before. thanks in advance!

1. i share an internet wireless connection at home with my siblings. this means at one time, there can be up to 3 computers simultaneously torrenting. by using only one account, can bolehVPN be installed on all 3 PCs? i understand i'd have to set up the torrent clients on each PC properly, so as to not crash my router.

2. i’m using a buffalo wireless router loaded with the latest DD-WRT. can bolehnVPN be installed 'within' DD-WRT itself? this will mean anybody who logs into my wifi network would be able to use it without installing the openVPN client. if i'm not mistaken, DDWRT has openVPN support.

3. i'm also interested in your seedbox service. is it still available and how much does it cost? i want to subscribe to it in one go with a bolehVPN 30 day account.

4. i'm a user of private torrent sites. i'm finding it damn hard to keep a good ratio with the upload speeds i'm getting nowadays. some of these sites are IP binded and installs a cookie into my pc. will this be a problem using the seedbox service (which i understand will be using a different IP)? how do i make sure i get the credits that i deserve?


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Re: a few questions regarding your services
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2008, 05:13:20 PM »
1) That will result in additional strain on our server as each torrent client generates connections. We only allow one vpn connection per household unless it's installed on the router end.

2) Yes it can be done though I do not have experience with this. I believe DD-WRT has an Openvpn client. Yes that's right anyone who goes through ur router will pass through bolehvpn

3) yes it is available at RM50 for 15 gigs. If you subscribe to bolehbox vpn becomes RM15 a month.

4) Hrm that's strange most private torrent sites that are reputable use a passkey based site. I believe almost all of our seedbox users are using passkey based sites so there's unlikely to be a clash here.
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Re: a few questions regarding your services
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2008, 05:57:39 PM »
what fantastic response times!  :o

1. i see your point but i read in these forums somewhere about someone wanting to share his ONE bolehVPN account across two PCs on the same LAN. he was able to simultaneously connect both PC's which had bolehVPN installed (he obtained the green connection icon for both). are his actions allowed? so let's see, if i limit the connections (through the torrent client) on all 3 PCs on my network, say by dividing it up by 3.. would it still put a strain on your servers? and also, i thought connections can also be limited at the router side?

2. referring to the above, how will this method not strain your servers? if all the PCs connected to the router are torrenting, wouldn't it have the same effect?

for the masses: anybody out there have any experiences setting up bolehVPN on a DDWRT enabled router? your input would be much appreciated  ;)

3. brilliant!

4. brilliant again!

cheers mate.