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RAN needs your help RM2125.55 Collected Thus Far

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Update: she set appointment to see her orthopaedic at 15 Nov.

Please refer to:

Details how to pay out now:

Maybank Savings Account

I remember RAN mentioning that her operation costs money that she can't afford. She has a recurring spinal problem that has made her unable to work.

The operation costs RM7,000.00 approximately.

She's also going through a tough patch at the moment.
The price of the operation isn't extremely high but is still beyond her means. Let's help RAN help herself as with her back fixed she can go back to being a teacher.

In the spirit of Ramadhan (although I'm not Muslim), I'm hoping people could chip in to help her out. I'll start by throwing in RM100. No peer pressure.

Don't make the payment yet, just want to gauge interest and see if we can get a meaningful sum.

Every little bit counts but only pledge if you are serious about helping out.

1. Reuben = RM100 PAID
2. Donkey = RM200 PAID
3. eye = RM200 PAID
4. tobecx = RM200 PAID
5. silencers = RM50 PAID
6. freeman = RM50 PAID
7. edan1979 = RM50 PAID
8. Dwolfren = RM300 PAID
9. dex = RM50 PAID
10. Louislee = RM100 PAID
11. Izzymaxx: RM100 PAID
12. chairman: RM100 PAID
13. ctrlaltdel2: RM100 PAID
14. redcable: RM50 PAID
15. verve: RM10 PAID
16. dann: RM55.55 PAID
17. mfi08: RM10 PAID
18. james2306: RM50 PAID
19. diablo: RM100 PAID
20. kiddc: RM200 PAID
21. yuzzm: RM50 PAID

Come on guys, doesn't need to be the full 7,000, every little bit counts and i'm very happy with all the generous contributions thus far.

As I have mentioned earlier, it is not a sure thing that RAN will go for the operation though it is the intention to do so.

After speaking to RAN, these are the following issues:

1) Her mom is quite sick and most of her time is still spent caring for her
2) An appointment will be made to reevaluate the cost of the surgery at the GH and see progress. An MRI scan had been done in the past confirming the problem but may need to be updated.
3) I will post an update here as soon as I receive an update.

At this point in time, I believe the best cause of action would be to wait till RAN can arrange her follow-up appointment and ascertain the things below:

1) Cost of the surgery and the scope of work including any preliminary checkups and tests
2) Her EPF withdrawal status to fund the difference
3) Her wishes as to whether she wishes to go ahead with the surgery
4) When it would be convenient for RAN and the doctor to perform the operation if it is decided to carry it out.

Now the question I need to ask the people who donated is

1) When should the payment be made? Once the cost is ascertained and whether she wishes to carry it out? Are you comfortable with me holding it until then or should I just release the funds before Raya?
2) What happens to the funds if RAN does not decide to carry out the operation (remember, this whole thing was not asked by her, it was my idea and it would be unfair to force an operation on her)?

Anyway several people have asked me who RAN is. As I said without revealing too much, she used to be an English teacher as because of her degenerative disc disease, had to stop work and with her EPF funds dwindling, it isn't really a long term solution for her. She is not related to me and her name is Rose Noordin. I know her as she was one of the earliest customers of BolehVPN and formed a friendship. She mentioned her back problem to me and NEVER asked for any assistance on this. All she asked me to do is fix her computer and get her VPN running.

I was thinking about it one day, thought it rather sad and was thinking, hey this community has the opportunity to become a place to help people and I thought this would be a good place to start.

Anyway I hope this clarifies matters. If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to pose them.


--- Quote from: Erun on September 28, 2007, 11:58:18 PM ---1. Reuben = RM100

--- End quote ---

Sure, I'll double that. (I'm not sure how to send the money though, but that's a minor issue that can be worked out)

How to pay? Pay to BolehVPN?

Not sure yet, i don't mind doing it, I have a savings account that can be used to take in payments without problem but maybe i'll get RAN's bank details and have it go directly.

Will track payments through here.

Just thought it'll be easier for us to manage and send it in one lump sum.

Craptastic: later when we get enough ppl, u can pay via paypal to me and i'll pay on your behalf. Easy as pie.

I believe her op costs around 7k if i remember correctly.


--- Quote from: Erun on September 29, 2007, 12:18:20 AM ---Craptastic: later when we get enough ppl, u can pay via paypal to me and i'll pay on your behalf. Easy as pie.

--- End quote ---

Excellent, terrific news for me. Thanks!  8)


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