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Seeking those with superdownload speed

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For those who have :
1. 4mb lines
2. Unifi users
3. super download speeds

I need you to help me download these three batches of anime. With my 1.5 speed, I dont know when I can finish downloading all three of them and I'm afraid the seeders will be gone by that time.

The links

Payment : you name it  :o

I gots 24 Mbps.  8)

Edit: Postage might hurt.


--- Quote from: mediumsliced on February 05, 2011, 08:37:41 AM ---I gots 24 Mbps.  8)

Edit: Postage might hurt.

--- End quote ---

Just pm me your price  ;)

An alternative is to subscribe to a seedbox ;P

I just took a look at the torrents and I have to agree with Reuben, go SB and you won't go back.

Am downloading a BSG pack from Revott, 90+ GB. ZOMFG.

Can't help you for now gashy.



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