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WTS Razer Orochi [SOLD]

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Just bought the Razer Orochi today. Opened n tried it, but too small for my hands. Bought it from Singapore at SGD115.  Will let go for SGD90 or RM equivalent.

Location: Johor Bahru

4000DPI (wired), 2000DPI (wireless) Razer Precision™ 3G laser sensor
Seven independently programmable buttons
Dual mode wired/wireless (Bluetooth 2.0) functionality
Razer Synapse™ on-board memory
Ambidextrous design
PC/Mac compatible


Can you deliver to Singapore?

Shld be fine. You interested?

yes I am :D Basically as good as brand new yes?

I only used it for 30 mins. Its 30 days 1 to 1 exchange at Sim Lim. I have the receipt. Bought on 21 Nov 2010. The box, stickers, manual are all intact.


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