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Utorrent settings - what happens if openvpn disconnects?

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I have followed the instructions, setting the sock4 proxy configuration in utorrent. What happens if, for some reason, the connection in openvpn disconnects? Will my real IP address be revealed on utorrent? Will it continue to download/seed?

Also, can we absolutely not use dht on utorrent? Why I ask is because thepiratebay has no tracker now, people are using dht as a means to get the files they want.


Yes it will be revealed most likely even if u were using other VPN methods.

You can use DHT but it may reveal your IP as we find sometimes DHT does not pass through the proxy. the best solution for this is to just use BolehRoute.

I am paranoid about letting my "real" IP out into the open.  I use Comodo internet firewall (freeware version) as a failsafe In case my openvpn connection goes down.  I set it up so that it blocks any uTorrent traffic that doesn't utilize the MAC address of my OpenVPN virtual NIC.

You can also monitor network traffic using Wireshark (freeware) to see if any non-openVPN traffic (DHT or otherwise) is going out your normal ISP route.  If it is, then you can pretty much assume that your "real" IP address is being exposed.


Good tip tc33

I was researching this yesterday, I found two programs, vpnetmonitor, and vpncheck. They basically check if a vpn is active, if the vpn disconnects, then it will close up to 3 programs, and reopen it when connection is re-established.

VPNetmonitor doesn't work with openvpn, only with actual adapters, I think openvpn creates virtual adaptors when a connection is made. These are good with other vpn providers that do not use openvpn.

VPNcheck does with openvpn. Also, vpncheck is more stable than the other.

When I started the program, with bolehroute running, I found that the vpn ip address in the above program was assigned to the local IP (basically the program got the two mixed up), I think I pressed cycle ip to correct that.

I clicked on config.
In the first box, I chose utorrent.
In the options menu, under autostart I checked cycle IP: Task
I also kept the notifty window and check for updates ticked.


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