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I can print the shirts for u :) I use HANES T-SHIRTS!!  :D

You have a proper heat transfer thingy?

I use silkscreen! :D

Lousy Heat transfers will peel over a few washes

i take one if it's nice


Lets see, ok, agreed and good to have this. Reasonable/Cheap (Definitely not free) is how much a piece?
RM15, RM25? Sizes?

Those in T-shirt printing, send me the material or how do I view the material? My son being printing some t-shirts for his shuffling gang and its quite a good one though I'm not sure what its called.
For 100 T-shirts, with free size (well reuben may need XXL), how much will it be? Please PM me or Reuben. If in KL, give me a number to call.


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