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Apa la XXL

it really depends on what sort of design u want to do & what sort of shirts(there are so many types of shirts - round-neck tshirt, polo ts) u want to print on. The price will vary depending on the number of colours and what not.

Bagi some options.

There are many options on what one can do on clothes. Embroidery, Silkscreen printing, Heat transfer printing, Digital Printing & the list goes on :P

If you want to print on ready-made roundneck tees, u have the option of using silkscreen, heat transfer & digital print. Silkscreen would be recommended for prints with 2 colours or less(like words). Heat transfer prints are recommended for complicated prints like pictures. Digital print(the most expensive) is recommended for high resolution prints.

Embroidery is normally recommended for logos & is normally used on polo ts. (This method can be very costly because the initial block charge for your own logo itself will cost RM80 - regardless of the amount of shirts u want to print) & an additional charge (per shirt) will be charged depending on the size of the logo.

Do u have a site where I can look at the options?

I'm just looking for a regular T (good quality one) with a nice print on it. haven't decided on the picture or tag line yet but yes I will be using the logo


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