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What maximum speed can I expect from using a VPN?

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It should work. But not sure if SDSL is throttled.

it would be great if using the new streamyx 4mbps...
could get 0.5MBps...


--- Quote from: jackhorace on August 12, 2007, 09:48:16 PM ---any one try soho package already? I am a Soho user .

--- End quote ---

i'm using soho 1mbps.... initially max 120KBPS (after 2-3days connection problem, newbie maaa)... now average 80KBPS... i'm considering it as ok...

i'm a new user of bolehvpn. and i've tried downloading with utorrent, max speed i can get is around 40-50 kBps/sec. but mine is a 1 Mbit line. according to the info given above, i'm supposed to get around 90 kBps/sec. i have used the tcp optimiser n also the patcher and still getting the same speed. is it my internet connection? or is the speed considered ok?
when i download and surf(eg. facebook), the web takes longer to load, am i supposed to reconfigure the firefox settings? as i have read from the blog, i only need to change the config for privacy reasons etc.

any solutions? :)


do the tmnet speedtest
check if tmnet miscapped your speed


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