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A simple explanation of what routing is and why it affects your connection


Routing is a bit like the path from your computer to your destination.

Imagine data as a car and routing as roads.

So let's just say you are trying to download a particular song which is located in Japan.

Your data has to go all the way from your country (for e.g. Malaysia) to Japan and takes a certain route.
However certain routes have problems due to incompetent management by the ISP, or congestion, or failed routers.

This is analogous to pot holes, road blocks, flooded roads, maintenance work on roads.

In an ideal world, you would find a new road to reach your destination and avoid these problematic roads.
However, in the internet world with incompetent ISPs, you are locked to the particular route until they decide to fix the road or reroute you through a different road. This is beyond our control.

However we note that with TMNet, different IP ranges have different roads/paths to destinations with certain IP ranges having much better routes and speeds than others.

A more detailed explanation on how to get the right IP can be found here


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