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Celcom Broadband-will torrent downloads see a speed increase with BolehVpn?

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Alpha Male:
Hi all, i on Celcom Wireless Broadband 3.6mbps & my torrent download are bleeding slow! around 2KB~3KB only even on well seeded torrents.  I've even thought of canceling it coz those speeds are useless. Will subscribing to  BolehVpn boost my download speed or does VPN only apply to streamyx users only?

It should apply to Celcom users as well. You can try a 3 day trial.

Alpha Male:
Thanks for the reply Erun, i'm currently trying out Deviousgadgets VPN 1 week trial. Have u heard of it? I must say that i'm VERY dissapointed coz theres no improvement AT ALL on my download speed. And i'm 100% sure my settings are correct. Furthermore i keep getting disconnected from their servers every few minutes or so like clockwork making downloads impossible.

Hrm well in that case set up logmein,163.0.html

I'll set it up for you as well just to ensure everything is hunkydory.

I'll give u a 1 day free trial and see if it works for you

Alpha Male:
Ok i've setup Logmein. details are in your PM inbox. Thanks.


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